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>What type of clothes should I take ?
We want your stay on our cruise ship to be comfortable. We recommend sports clothing for both women and men.

Summer nights and sometimes during the days the Patagonia climate is cold. We recommend sweaters, jackets, pants and rain garments during the excursions.

For exploring and walking, gloves and a pair of firm shoes or boots are suitable.
> What is included in the cruise rate ?
. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
. Free Bar.
. Daily land excursions as scheduled by the ships.
. Whisky and hot chocolate during the excursions.
. All activities inside the ship.

> When do we embark ?
USHUAIA: Check in starts every Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 hrs. to 16:00 hrs. at 245 San Martín Street. Boarding time is from 17:00 hrs. to 18:00 hrs. Departure is at 20:00 hrs. Passengers must be onboard at least one hour before the departure.

PUNTA ARENAS: Check-in starts every Saturday and Tuesday from 13:00 hrs. to 17:00 hrs. at 990 Magallanes Street. Boarding time is from 18:00 hrs. to 19:00 hrs. Departure is at 20:00 hrs.
> What will we see during the cruise ?
. Navigation through the legendary Strait of Magellan and Beagle   Channel.
. Navigation through the glaciers and fjords of the Darwin Mountain   Range.
. The areas declared by the United Nations as the most virgin ones   in the world.
. Flora and Fauna of great beauty: native forests, sea lions,   elephant seals, cormorans, exotic flowers, southern dolphins, etc.
. One of the largest penguin colonies in the southern hemisphere.
. The mythical Cape Horn

Note: We cannot guarantee the sighting of the elephant seal colony as its precise location is unpredictable.
> Should we tip onboard ?
Tips are at the discretion of the passenger. We suggest US$ 15 per day per passenger, to be deposited at the reception lounge on the last day of the cruise.
> What will the climate be like ?
During the cruise season, the temperature fluctuates between 5 and 15 degrees centigrade (41 and 59 Farenheit degrees)
> Are pets allowed ?
We regret not being able to accept pets onboard.
> Are there safety boxes available ?
For your comfort and security we have safety boxes in each cabin. The ships are not responsable for loss of money, travellers checks, jewels or other valuables.
> Are passports and visas necessary ?
Visa/Passport requirements vary according to passenger’s country of origin, please check with local Argentine and Chilean embassies to confirm necessary documents.

Each passenger is responsible for carrying the necessary documents to enter Argentinean and Chilean territory.
> Is there an insurance policy ?
The Cruise lines (Transportes Marítimos Terra Australis S.A. and Transportes Marítimos Via Australis S.A.) count with insurance policies that cover civil liability for potential losses or damages that may be suffered by, or caused to passengers and their properties onboard of the vessels. Said liability is governed by the conditions of the sea transportation contract of passengers, evidenced in passenger´s ticket, and by the pertinent regulations of the Third Book of Commercial Code of the Republic of Chile.

Notwisthstanding, if the passenger wishes to be covered for health, death or other risk that could take place during the voyage, affecting the passenger or his/her goods, or whishes to have assistance in those events, it´s recommendable that he/she acquires a special insurance policy risk with the company of his/her preference.

> What voltage is available onboard ?
Cabins are equipped with 220 volt plugs. In bathrooms, there are plug-ins for both 220 volts and for 110 volts.
> How can I pay onboard ?
Items purchased at the shop such as souvenirs, videos, sportswear and others can be paid with credit cards such Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners, travelers checks, US dollars, Euros, Chilean pesos or Argentinean pesos.
> Is there first aid care ?
We have on board personnel prepared to provide first aid attention and care to passengers, should it be required.

> Are there hair dryers onboard ?
All cabins are equipped with hair dryers.
> Are there elevators onboard ?
The ship does not have elevators or equipment necessary for the handicap.
> Is smoking allowed onboard ?
Smoking is only allowed on the ship's outer decks due to Chilean law 20.105, which forbids smoking indoors.
> Are there any additional costs ?
The total fee per person is as follows:

-Punta Arenas to Ushuaia route: US$25, Port Tax and National Parks Fee

-Ushuaia to Punta Arenas route: US$25, Port Tax, Exit Fee and National Parks Fee

These values may vary depending on the amount determined by the port authorities.

These values are not included in the cruise rate and must be paid along with the final payment.

> Is there Internet connection onboard ?
We do not have Internet service onboard.
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